Sky Blue Best Credit Repair Company

Sky blue credit repair found in 1989 and has offered credit repair and restoration services since then. The organization complies with the Credit Repair Organization Act. Sky Blue Credit Repair is licensed and registered by the Attorney General’s office of the U.S.

The organization focuses mainly on ensuring you reach your credit target; they do not sell you other products along the way. They put their customers first and use methodical and intelligent approach to making sure the experience is worth it. Finally, they make sure you get credit improvements that last.

They have a reputation for having affordable prices and providing the best results (See their reviews here). Their pride comes from customer satisfaction. They have an excellent customer service team and provide results quickly compared to competitors.

What Makes SkyBlue Credit Repair The Best?

FAST RESULTS: They understand the importance of credit repair and do it fast. A poor credit report has a massive negative impact on things like title loan application, mortgage and interest rates. In 35 days Sky Blue offers customers with 15 credit dispute items 5 coming from each Bureau.

TEAM: Their team of experts go through your credit report thoroughly. The team identifies any reporting error as well as compliance issues which are not easy to notice but might be the reason for your poor credit report.

EXPERT ADVICE: They will advise you on how you can improve your credit score and help you reach your goals.

CUSTOMIZED APPROACH: Sky Blue Credit Repair Organization knows that each customer is different. They do not have a general solution for all credit reports that need repair. Instead, they create a solution that best fits each client based on their credit report.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: They have a 90-day client guarantee something you cannot get anywhere else. At the end of the 90 days after you signed up, in case you are not happy for any given reason they give you a refund of all your money.

AFFORDABLE COST: The cost of credit repair is $59 which is paid only after the service is complete. It means you can cancel the service, and there is no fee for termination.

BBB RATINGS: They are rated A+ by BBB. Trust link rating of 4.5/5. According to their past customer, most of them received an excellent service and had since then gained about 200 FICO points in their credit score.


Sky Blue is the credit repair organization for you if you are looking for fast, accurate and excellent results on a personal level. They have more than 26 years of experience; they are affordable and will be with you every step of the way.

They have good ratings and offer the best credit repair guide in the country, call them on 888-550-2843 to know their service better.